Vineet Gupta


Vineet is a proven leader with a culture of execution excellence and deep passion and expertise in enabling software platforms.  Deep experience from Cloud/Enterprise to Embedded.   At Peel, Vineet is driving SmartHome solutions in Mobile and Operator markets. As VP of Automotive and Embedded at NVIDIA drove graphics intensive visual computing platforms strategy in Drones, Telematics, Cluster, IVI, ADAS, Semi-Autonomous and Autonomous solutions. Prior to that, Vineet spent 14 years at Oracle and Sun Microsystems as Vice President, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, spearheading the direction, adoption and licensing of Java platforms in Mobile Phones, Media (TV/STB/Blu-ray), M2M, SmartCards, and Enterprise/Cloud/Storage markets. Vineet holds a Computer Science Engineering degree from the University of Texas, Arlington.