Scale Flash

Make AI a CARDIO Sport!

Solve Storage Performance Bottleneck For AI

Solve Storage Capacity  Request For Big Data

Let  Data Scientist  Focus On Minding The Data Value

High Performance Server SAN

Software-Defined Distributed Block Storage


Scale-Out Without Bottleneck

Independent development of core software, no bottleneck design, scale-out, no longer headache for single point of failure;

Improve NVMe SSD Utilization

Optimized for high-performance NVMe SSDs to give full play to device performance and improve utilization.

Flexible and Open

No hardware platform dependencies, support for different vendors of x86 servers. No virtualization software locking, support private cloud and public cloud deployment.

Smart Self-Healing

No manual intervention, error recovery of failed nodes can be self-healing, providing 99.999% high reliability.

User Cases


AI GPU Cluster

Provide large-capacity, ultra-high-speed storage for GUP cluster-based artificial intelligence computing, address the underlying storage bottlenecks.


Provide core components such as storage for cloud platforms and support various cloud computing frameworks including OpenStack.


Support multiple desktop virtualization platforms to easily handle “startup storms”.

Versatile To Meet All Your Needs


Broad Support Hardware & Software From Mainstream Vendors